Single powerful LED module (10W-30W), composed of high brightness chips, encapsulated in our own special way, characterized by high heat conductivity, low luminous decay, pure light color, ghosting free.

Die cast aluminum housing, driver chamber and light source cavity completely separated; LED closely connected to inside light source cavity. The heat from LED will be removed through heat wings; it ensures the life-span of the lights.

Sealed by anti-aging silicone rubber, the lights surface have been given static plastic spraying treatment. The whole fixture can reach IP65.

High purity Germany aluminum reflector. This kind of reflector makes sure enough luminous flux and also improves light uniformity helping make full use of light energy.

No delay in start-up; it can reach normal brightness as soon as it is turned on.

Safe, flexible installation, adjustable at any angle, widely applied in different occasions.

Environment friendly, no pollution to air, no heat emission, no harm to eyes and skin. Lead free, mercury free and no any other contamination contained.

It’s perfectly compatible with a solar panel system. Benefits such as working under direct current and lower voltage can be fully used

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