Mosquitoes and other small insects are often very bothersome.

You can use aerosol sprays to get rid of them but they are often expensive and have negative side effects. There is now a new way of keeping mosquitoes and hence malaria away from you and your loved ones – use solar poweres repellents.

Single powerful LED module (10W-30W), composed of high brightness chips, encapsulated in our own special way, characterized by high heat conductivity, low luminous decay, pure light color, ghosting free.

Die cast aluminum housing, driver chamber and light source cavity completely separated; LED closely connected to inside light source cavity. The heat from LED will be removed through heat wings; it ensures the life-span of the lights.

Sealed by anti-aging silicone rubber, the lights surface have been given static plastic spraying treatment. The whole fixture can reach IP65.

High purity Germany aluminum reflector. This kind of reflector makes sure enough luminous flux and also improves light uniformity helping make full use of light energy.

No delay in start-up; it can reach normal brightness as soon as it is turned on.

Safe, flexible installation, adjustable at any angle, widely applied in different occasions.

Environment friendly, no pollution to air, no heat emission, no harm to eyes and skin. Lead free, mercury free and no any other contamination contained.

It’s perfectly compatible with a solar panel system. Benefits such as working under direct current and lower voltage can be fully used

The solar lantern consists of a handy portable lamp with a bright 7W energy saving bulb and rechargeable battery.

The battery can be charged using the 2.5W solar panel that is supplied with the unit, from a car charger port or from a mains socket. The solar lantern is a highly ideal portable lighting solution because:

♦ No kerosene is needed to light a solar lamp, saving you a lot of money.
♦ The lamp does not produce any smoke, only clean bright light.
♦ With a solar lamp, you need not be afraid of starting accidental fires. Kerosene lamps
can sometimes be very dangerous.
♦ The solar lamp is totally quiet unlike some lamps (pressure/gas lamps)
♦ The stylish design of our solar lamps blends well with any tastefully designed living

Solar powered bore water pumps are widely used on farms and outback stations in East and Central Africa to supply water to livestock and general irrigation. High efficiency solar water pumps are the most economical and reliable solution for all off-grid water supply demands. These solar water pumps can pump more water from as deep as in 200 meters with less solar panels using a solar tracker than any other pump in the market.

Characteristics Include

High reliability and life expectancy Helical rotor or centrifugal pump, brush less motor High resistance to sand and corrosion Fits 4″ and larger well casings Simple Installation Maintenance-free
Cost-efficient system

-Drinking water supply
-Livestock watering
-Pond management

There are  a number of leading suppliers of Solar Fridges and Freezers in the world.We mainly research well known solar fridges. Below you will find information on some well known brands in the market.

SunDanzer Solar Firdges

SunDanzer chest-style refrigerators and freezers are the most energy efficient way to keep things cold. With thick insulation and a refrigeration system optimized for solar,they are the best solution for your off-grid home or business.

Solar hot water units give hot water continuously for some 20 –30 years. Electricity savings can be as high as 85% of your bills with recovery of your investment being as fast as within 6 months to three years.

The systems are available for all your domestic, commercial/institutional and swimming pool heating and can heat water to a maximum of 990C (typically 700C) Solar Water Heating is the most practical and proven technology today.

• It has zero running costs and offers excellent value for money
• Unaffected by power cuts
• Requires no maintenance
• Uses safe, clean inexhaustible energy source.